The Painting Techniques of Barnett Newman: Vir Heroicus Sublimis

Grinderman 2010uesqe video.

The video from Grinderman’s Heaten Child is astonishing. When I first saw it i was blown away by the elements it contains. Can I call it sublime? Maybe, not sure yet… … but i think so, when the grindin’ guitars start.. o boy. But when the images come I felt most overwhelmed by the absolute greatness of them.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.


Modus 0


Mini-DV / loop / color / 2007
Installation, 4 screens / 4 separate audiotracks / Basement POST CS Amsterdam

Continuous loop, in search for actions or a activity which becomes a ritual. Modus 0 shows the change from a trivial event to a devote moment.

Vrachtwagens / Trucks


Mini-DV /
6.00″ /
color /
© 2006

Banden / Tires

Banden / Tires
Johan Gielen © 2006
Mini-DV / 5.48″ / color / 2006

Short experimental documentary about men working in a distribution center for tires.
Selected for:
- TENT Academy Awards 2006, Rotterdam, Netherlands
- TENT on tour o.a.: GOGBOT festival Enschede, Netherlands
- ‘a room’ (with a view) Antwerp, Belgium
- TU Istanbul, Turkey
- Careof in Milaan, Italy
- CAS in Osaka, Japan
- Nederlands Film Festival 2006, Utrecht, Netherlands
- De Vruchtbare Avond 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Dokfest Filmladen Kassel 2006, Kassel, Germany
- AFX 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- VideoAbend 2007, Dresden, Germany
- Paspartouille 2009, The Hague, Netherlands