I was posting a letter. I wasn’t really paying attention to what happend around me. Waiting for a traffic light to go green. Maybe it was green already. But then there it was, the sun… Behind me but in my face

Vrachtwagens / Trucks


Mini-DV /
6.00″ /
color /
© 2006

Banden / Tires

Banden / Tires
Johan Gielen © 2006
Mini-DV / 5.48″ / color / 2006

Short experimental documentary about men working in a distribution center for tires.
Selected for:
- TENT Academy Awards 2006, Rotterdam, Netherlands
- TENT on tour o.a.: GOGBOT festival Enschede, Netherlands
- ‘a room’ (with a view) Antwerp, Belgium
- TU Istanbul, Turkey
- Careof in Milaan, Italy
- CAS in Osaka, Japan
- Nederlands Film Festival 2006, Utrecht, Netherlands
- De Vruchtbare Avond 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Dokfest Filmladen Kassel 2006, Kassel, Germany
- AFX 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- VideoAbend 2007, Dresden, Germany
- Paspartouille 2009, The Hague, Netherlands

Below sealevel


Watching and Seeing. Most of the things are being seen; before watching that is. Sometimes nothing is there to see. Sometimes there is. A man and his dog for example, unsure about how, why and even if. But we see most things, because watching is much more difficult. As a Chinese man once said, there is the horse and there is the meadow. You can watch the horse, see the horse. You can watch the meadow. The choice is always there.