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Sky without planes during the Iceland volcano eruption.

Last night I dreamt I had a cat


Summer’s here, the smell of suncream, cookies. I always forget to lock my bicycle if the weather is nice… Summer’s here.

Dear NS


Just leaving from Gouda…


“To stare, big-eyed Narcissus, into some spring
Is beneath all adult dignity.”



Plien: a cat who has a high risk of getting a nervous breakdown. Socially very instable. However she can adapt from time to time to the social structures also referred to as animal-like behavior, most of the time she is just anxious which prevents her from getting in contact with other animals or human beings. This means she lives very solitairy.
Please note this behavior is during daytime, strangely Plien has an oncontrolable drive to get petted or play with other cat’s in the morning aswell in the evening.
We will continu to investigate and monitor Plien’s mental health aswell as her behavior.




I was posting a letter. I wasn’t really paying attention to what happend around me. Waiting for a traffic light to go green. Maybe it was green already. But then there it was, the sun… Behind me but in my face

Below sealevel


Watching and Seeing. Most of the things are being seen; before watching that is. Sometimes nothing is there to see. Sometimes there is. A man and his dog for example, unsure about how, why and even if. But we see most things, because watching is much more difficult. As a Chinese man once said, there is the horse and there is the meadow. You can watch the horse, see the horse. You can watch the meadow. The choice is always there.